Professional A.R.T.ists

A.R.T. In Action employs professional artists living and working within the communities and groups that we work with. They offer a diverse range of art disciplines that our programs involve. They are selected based on their past experiences, their professional body of work and their ability to connect and efficiently communicate with our target demographic. Our A.R.T.ists harbour creative energy and understand the importance of meaningful connections.

Sara Bessin

SARA BESSIN is a Toronto born multi-disciplinary artist and educator.  Starting as an artist and activist, Sara 's work was chosen for the campaign posters for the Anti-Child Exploitation Campaign in affiliation with ACAT in 2000.  The body of work she created for this project was exhibited at the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva Switzerland in 2001. Sara then entered the Community Arts Sector, having trained through the Engrenage Noir - Levier community arts training and exchange program.  She holds a diploma in Art Education Specialization from Concordia University, Montreal and has since pursued studies with York University and with the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education of the University of Toronto.

With funding and support from the Engrenage Noir Levier program, she coordinated and directed the community arts project "Raising Mom" with the Young Parents Program of Head and Hands from 2005 to 2007.  She facilitated the making of a collaborative documentary of the process which was screened at the World Social Forum in Belem, Brazil in 2009.  The film and project are also featured in the publication "Célébrer la collaboration: Art communautaire et activiste humaniste au Québec et ailleurs”.  

Sara has worked in affiliation with the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, En Masses Pour Les Masses and the QPAT Teachers Convention. She has been a speaker and presenter at the Kairos Anti-Poverty Forum, LEVIER Community Arts Forum and the Common Wealth Community Arts Conference.

Sara is most interested in collaborative initiatives that affect social change through holistic and transformational educational approaches.

She and her family recently relocated from Montreal to Belleville Ontario,  where she founded and directs the Visual Arts Program at the local chapter of the YMCA and teaches with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board.

Ilisapee Gordon

ELIZABETH (ILISAPI) GORDON was born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut and is fluent in both Inuktitut and English. She was taught to create with her hands, earliest memory being when her great aunt taught her to sew seal skin ookpiks .  She watched and learned the resourceful inclinations of her people and naturally carried that forward into her own family.

Elizabeth is a mostly self taught artist using many mediums to create art. One of her interests is in working with hard shell gourds.  She incorporates northern images into her gourd artwork by either painting with acrylics or dyes and inks, wood burning, sculpting, or carving.  Elizabeth is also into doll making, sewing, sculpting polymer clay faces of Inuit elders, making wooden wall hangings, folk art painting, as well as mixed media paintings.  Her interests are always expanding, and recently took classes in pottery and in stained glass.

Elizabeth is a member of the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association, and has been a member of the Canadian Gourd Society for 8 years. All her entries into the Gourd Festivals have been award winners and she has won best of show in 2009, 2013 and 2015 in Toronto and Buckhorn, Ontario.

claudia salguero

CLAUDIA SALGUERO - Featured by The Ottawa Life Magazine as one of the 2013 Top 25 people in the Capital, Colombian artist Claudia Salguero is an Art-Based Facilitator, award-winning Photo-fine-artist and Latin Jazz singer.

As member of the Arts Health Network of Canada, Ottawa chapter, Claudia is currently working as Art-Based Facilitator in Ottawa developing art and recycling-art projects involving, kids, youth, adults and communities in risk through institutions like Ottawa Community Housing, OCISO, Operation Come Home, Ottawa Public Library, Carling Arts Initiative and various Community Resource and Health centres.

As visual artist and after years working as designer and professional photographer, Claudia became fascinated by the boundless possibilities of digital art and in 2006 she decided to complement her natural palette with the digital brushes of Corel’s Painter Digital Art Studio, blending photography, digital and traditional art in a magical mix.

Her mastery in Corel Painter earned her a place in Corel’s international group Elite Painter Masters. Claudia has presented various solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad, and has been featured in publications in USA, Canada, Spain, England and Colombia as well as in Ottawa-based television shows. Claudia is a Corel Painter Photo-Fine-Art Certified Instructor and  teaches digital art workshops on line in Spanish and English and also in her studio in Ottawa.  

As recognized Latin Jazz singer in Ottawa and through her annual sold-out concerts at the Ottawa’s National Arts Centre accompanied by her 10-piece band, she has been raising funds for kids foundations in her home country Colombia since 2011.

anona kosmack

ANONA KOSMACK - is a mixed-media, visionary artist based in Ottawa, Ontario. She has worked with a variety of youth living with disabilities and understands the need for art in mental health and therapy. Here is a word from the Anona:

"I truly believe that everyone is an artist in their own way. Everyone has felt something so deeply that it has overwhelmed their senses and poured out of their soul’s containers. That raw overflow channelled through a particular structured talent is what fosters creations like my work. My creative process is cyclical much like the building of a thunderstorm or the movements of the sun. I notice, I feel, I create and then I rest. This process that I have actively committed myself to repeatedly has encouraged me to travel immersively.

In courting new, and at times uncomfortable, experiences I have pushed my limits as an individual coping with multiple psychological diagnoses, personal losses and spiritual evolution. My artistic process has been with me through all of my becoming. From crayons on ripped cardboard of my youth, to sophisticated mixed media renderings of my adulthood; I have, and will always, love creating."