VIDEO: Artists come together to raise funds for workshops up North

Over the weekend we were given the greatest pleasure of being the recipients for a fundraiser thrown by a kind, selfless gentleman named Adam Guzman-Poole. Inspired by what we were doing for the youth in Arviat, Nunavut, he took it upon himself (sacrificing sleep and many hours) to pull together talented artists, musicians and volunteers to fundraise $1000 for A.R.T. In Action. Everything took place at a local community house in Sandy Hill called Faith House. Seeing the evening unfold, I truly saw what type of soul Adam is, as the people that filled the space truly reflected the kindness of his heart.

As spoken word poet Khaleefa mentioned:

"When Adam called me and asked me to be a part of a fundraiser, I said yes immediately. I didn't even know what it was for!"

That's Love. 

What an incredible evening full of laughter, music, good food and deep soul. My skin was covered in goose-bumps and my heart felt full being able to see and hear all forms of art shared - all for the sake of wanting to help bring free art to others. Through this soul work that has been my life for years, I truly understand the importance of art. I see that it is not just myself that has used art as a way to heal, to connect to spirit and use it to learn about the world. There are countless numbers of us. This whole space welcomed many who have felt the deep influence of art and many more who simply appreciate it.

We absolutely need art in our lives. And it surrounds us daily, in many forms and often without us realizing. It is up to us to take the time to appreciate it as it comes, in whichever form it takes and as artists it is up to us to decide what we want our message to be. Our intention at A.R.T. In Action is to use art for good, for inspiration, for positivity and for community. And if this is the kind of crowd that surrounds us because of it, we are incredibly thankful. 

As I walked around the house that night, soaking in all of the people of different ages, immersing myself in the good vibes and sharing in the joy as many walked away with great treasures from the raffle, I was struck by the kindness in human nature and I was reminded of why A.R.T. In Action began and why we must continue the work for as long as we can. 

Thank you to all who believe in what we do. We honestly can not do it without your help and your constant inspiration. 

With Love,
Executive Director

Check out a short video recap of the night

Many thank you's must be had

Thank you to the following (apologies because I know I'm missing a few artists and names so PLEASE comment below if you contributed in ANY WAY because we NEED to thank you):

  • Adam Guzman-Poole
  • Penelope Guzman-Poole
  • Arif White Lion Jaina
  • Naomi Athena and Jeremy Sills
  • Khaleefa ApollotheChild Jubber
  • Lucila Al Mar
  • Barclay McMillan
  • Arqsanirq Sevigny
  • Mowafak Nema
  • Grace Wellness
  • DaBaby
  • Gary Bernett
  • Dream Love Grow
  • Faith Community House (and all the members)

Feel inspired? Want to throw a fundraiser of your own? Or just want to get involved? Get in touch with us! 

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