Crystal Charms and mini sketchbooks | Week 3 at Operation Come Home

This week's art workshop with Operation Come Home brought us a variety of mediums to use. We had two separate crafts happening, one was a dangling crystal charm and the other was a DIY mini sketchbook.

For the dangling charms, we used:

  • dimensional modge podge (purchased at Michael's for $14.99),
  • regular modge podge
  • clear charms
  • scissors
  • beads
  • beading thread
  • magazines
  • acrylic paint
  • paintbrush

    We found images, cut them into the shapes of the charms, modged podged them on, painted the back, poked the beading thread through the hole of the charm and beaded them. One of the participants turned hers into a necklace. Others for gifts and ornaments for the Christmas tree. 

    For the DIY sketchbook, we used:
  • pre-cut and hole-punched stiff cardboard
  • string (because we couldn't find the metal loops)
  • magazines
  • scissors
  • modge podge
  • pencil crayons

We double-knotted string through the holes, ensuring the pages could open loosely. Cut out images from magazines and designed the front/back covers of the sketchbook. 

Next week we'll be making jewelry.