A unique opportunity to give back to the community.
Exclusive Event. Limited Seats.



Claudine, Kimani, Mailyne, Aida, KA Dawkins, Dylan Black

Claudine, Kimani, Mailyne, Aida, KA Dawkins, Dylan Black

Creative Project:

Small Business:

What happened at
A.R.T. Night 2016?


Can't make it? You can still help!
We would love for more youth to be able to participate in the instructed art night and dinner along with everyone else.

If you are unable to attend, please consider sponsoring a youth for A.R.T. night. Youth can be someone of your choosing, or you can leave it to us to select a deserving youth.

Remember that the funds will be given to the youth as part of their start-up and mentorship.



The low down:

A.R.T. Night is a recurring annual event where 6 eligible youth applicants present their creative idea or project to a group of attendees (this means you!). 2 selected youth will receive funding and a mentorship from a professional for 24 hours over 12 weeks. Attendees have the opportunity to contribute by listening to the presentations and voting on the project they feel the most inspired by. 

What happens at A.R.T. Night?:

  1. A ticket gets you access to the dinner, instructed art, youth presentations and a vote. A portion of the ticket fee is given to the youth as part of their start up funding. 

  2. Youth applicants present their creative projects or business ventures.

  3. Attendees spend the evening hearing about inspiring youth projects, while enjoying a three course meal, live music, instructed painting all while supporting their community.

  4. A.R.T in Action will award two youth funding: one for a creative project and one for a business venture.

  5. Participants all vote to award two youth funding and a mentorship.

All projects are selected based on the following criteria:

  1. Innovation - how creative is this project or business idea
  2. Passion - how strongly do they believe in their idea
  3. Quality of presentation - how well is their vision communicated.
  4. The ability to show financial need - why do applicants need this money. 
  5. How well this project can tie back into A.R.T in Action's personal mission in terms of empowerment and community benefit.